Environmental Services

1st Choice DVBE’s team of environmental experts have established professional working relationships with Federal and State regulatory agencies, based on technical excellence and a thorough understanding of regulatory processes. Our experience includes all regulatory requirements of the:

  • Federal Clean Water Act (CWA), Sections 401, 402, & 404;
  • National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA);
  • National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA), Sections 106 and 110;
  • Federal Endangered Species Act (ESA), Sections 7 & 10
  • California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA);
  • California Endangered Species Act (CESA);
  • 1600-16116 California Fish and Game Codes.
  • Botany/ Wildlife
  • Wetlands/ CRAM
  • Arboriculture


Surveys & Right-of Way Engineering

1st Choice DVBE’s survey team has the technology and experience to address any of your surveying needs. We are experienced in delivering projects that meet Local, State and Federal requirements. Our experience includes

  • Topographic Mapping
  • Construction Staking
  • Records of Survey
  • Photogrammetry
  • ALTA surveys
  • Aerial survey
  • Legal Descriptions
  • Construction Surveying and Staking


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